vendredi 16 septembre 2011

Wireless is back!

Hu ho, my good ol' Kindle was not connecting to the wireless anymore...

I wanted to get hold of Neal Stephenson's latest book, REAMDE (no typo!), and, well, no connection.

I tried the rebooting the Kindle. With Wireless off. And on. I checked the power meter, recharged the device. I went outside, looking like a mad scientist raising his Kindle up an down to see if the signal was getting better.

No wireless.

And now it's back, thanks for this geeky 311 trick. Many thanks to the poster!


Ah, and for Neal Stephenson's book, I'll have to wait until September 20th, because it is only available in pre-order in the Kindle store. Mmmm, much ado about what, already?

1 commentaire:

  1. You will have to wait a little more honey!
    But remember all the books, made from paper, that are langishing everywhere in the house... OK, I will have to move some of my stuff first (too much fabrics, sewing patterns and books), if you will have a chance to pick up sjome of your old books...
    Getting the house in order should be your next post for you belove wife ;-)